Minitsry of Health and Long-Term Care – Measles Update

This statement comes from David L. Mowat, Interim Chief Medical Officer of Health:

For infants, the ministry currently publicly funds MMR vaccine for travel outside of North America as early as six months of age, based on the clinical judgement of the health care provider and the needs of the child.  Effective immediately, this eligibility has expanded to include travel to regions where measles is a concern, including within North America.  Please note that, if the first dose of MMR is given at less than 12 months of age, two additional doses of measles-containing vaccine must be administered after the child is one year of age to ensure long lasting immunity to measles.

Adults born before 1970 are generally presumed to have acquired natural immunity to measles; however, some of these individuals may be susceptible.  As per the current publicly funded immunization schedule, all Ontarians, regardless of date of birth, are eligible for two doses of measles-containing vaccine based on the health care provider’s clinical judgement and the needs of the patient.  A second dose of measles-containing vaccine is particularly recommended for adults in the following groups:

  • Young adults (18 – 25 years of age)
  • Post-secondary students
  • Persons who receive killed vaccine previously (between 1967 to 1970)
  • Health care workers
  • Those who plan to travel internationally.


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Welcome to the Lakehead Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic

Our Shared Mission

The Lakehead NPLC is committed to providing comprehensive, team-based primary health care in partnership with patients in Thunder Bay to improve quality of life.  Services are delivered to patients across their lifespan by knowledgeable, respectful, dedicated individuals working to the full scope of practice.

Our Vision

Health Matters – Bringing integrity, honesty, and excellence to primary health care.  Clients and providers are equal partners, invested in improving health with comprehensive, holistic care that is accessible to all patients and fosters overall health and wellbeing.

Our Values

  • The patient is our primary focus
  • We treat all patients (and staff) with respect and dignity regardless of their race, culture or background
  • Our priority is unattached patients
  • Employees function as an inter-disciplinary team
  • Providers work to their full scope of practice
  • Employees remain current in their respective field
  • Celebrating success in an open, non-judgemental work environment

Quick Facts

  • Nurse practitioners are able to treat common illnesses and injuries, order lab tests, X-rays and other diagnostic tests.
  • Nurse practitioner-led clinics will focus on comprehensive primary care services including chronic disease management, health promotion and disease prevention along with other community-based health care organizations, such as public health units.
  • Ontario’s first nurse practitioner-led clinic opened in Sudbury in 2007 and provides family health care to approximately 2,000 patients.